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What Is The IBI

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  What Is The Inspection Bureau
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On behalf of IBI, I want to say "Thank you" for the confidence and support that you have given the Inspection Bureau, Inc. over the years. I want to share with you some highlights of our service.

Plan Review: Our processing procedures provide a "turn around time" for plan review usually with in one to two days.

Scheduling: Our excellent track record of "getting the job done" includes next day scheduling for virtually all scheduling requests. 

Customer Service: Living up to our reputation as the leader in the electrical inspection industry, IBI became the first inspection agency in the area to offer online scheduling (July, 2002) and online permits (March, 2004). Applications for permits and scheduling requests can be accomplished online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No phone calls, no waiting. Our front counter area offers a high level of service, especially for homeowners, "do-it-yourselfers", new contractors and others new to the area or industry. We offer assistance by telephone, and in completing the permit forms at the counter. We also have printed information available for the customer to take with them for special projects and code related issues. Various educational opportunities are also available at our front counter as they develop.

Code Questions and Resolution of Problems: All code questions are handled promptly. Our field inspectors are available
for code questions every workday between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM and I give personal attention to all code questions
that come in after the inspectors leave each day. Most questions are answered and/or calls returned within minutes.
On the rare occasion that a dispute or interpretation cannot be resolved at the field level, I immediately become
involved until the issue is resolved.

Computerization: We are totally automated and part of the CAGIS System.

It is indeed a pleasure to be of service to our community. I will make every effort to continue IBI's
tradition of providing quality professional electrical inspection services.


Gaylord Poe

President/Chief Electrical Inspector

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