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Staff Expertise And Competency

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Staff Expertise And Competency
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Staff Expertise and Competency


The Inspection Bureau offices at 250 West Court Street are home to a rare collection of talented, experienced and dedicated people who make high quality inspections and service their Number One priority. Each inspector has the respect of the electrical community.


President and Chief Electrical Inspector


Gaylord Poe has over 45 years experience in the electrical industry. He is certified in Ohio as an Electrical Safety Inspector and as an Electrical Plans Examiner. 

Gaylord began his electrical inspection career with IBI in 1983 as a commercial/industrial field inspector. He was promoted to Commercial Coordinator in 1986 and Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector in 1994. In 2000, Gaylord was appointed
Chief Electrical Inspector and President.

Gaylord is a member of the UL Electrical Council, a member of the NFPA, and a certified instructor for the State of Ohio Electrical Safety Instructor training classes. In 2006 he was appointed to the Executive Board of the Ohio Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) after serving as President of the SW Division IAEI from 1996 until 2006. He was again elected President in 2010 and continues to serve in that capacity and as Education Chair of the Ohio Chapter of IAEI. He is also a member of the Business Development and Permit Center Advisory Committee for the City of Cincinnati and is actively involved in course development and training classes for the continuing education programs of the IAEI, IEC, GCEA, and NECA.   



IBI has 9 full-time field inspectors, with a combined experience of well over 300 years in the electrical industry. Their names and license numbers appear on this page.

IBI's Assistant Chief Inspector, Dennis Weneck, has over 25 years of experience.



Certified Electrical Plans Examiners


Rick Lecher (Ohio ID # 835) serves as IBI's Plans Examiner and Building Official. Rick has been directly involved in the local electrical industry for over 25 years.  Rick's vast experience with large commercial, industrial and public projects provides an excellent background for examining electrical plans in accordance with the Ohio Building Code.

Gaylord Poe (Chief Electrical Inspector, President), Dennis Weneck (Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector) and Caty Robinson are also Ohio certified Electrical Plans Examiners and assist as needed. As a backup for the plan review team, IBI has an arrangement with Mr. Charles Meyer (retired CBO), who is also fully certified by the State of Ohio as a Master Plans Examiner.

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Treasurer and Secretary


Sherry Gangloff is the Treasurer of IBI. Harry H. Santen is both counsel to IBI and its Secretary.

Educational Requirements


Each IBI inspector must be certified in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3783.01 et seq. and Ohio Building Code Section 103 et seq. Such sections set out the requirements for Certificates of Competency, which include:

(a) four years as a journeyman electrician, two of which were as a foreman plus two years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems; or

(b) four years as a journeyman electrician and three years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems; or

(c) four years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems or six years as a journeyman electrician; or

(d) a graduate electrical engineer registered by the State of Ohio.


Each inspector is further required by law to take 30 hours of coursework every three years. This 30-hour coursework is a necessary condition for re-licensing in the State of Ohio. Similar continuing education requirements exist for our Kentucky certified inspectors.


Additional Training


In addition to the required courses, IBI encourages inspectors to take, and reimburses them for taking supplementary courses in an effort to be as up-to-date as possible in not only electrical code knowledge but also in inspection techniques and abilities. The IBI inspection team is one of the finest in the country. Over the last five years, IBI inspectors have taken over 1,360 hours of additional supplementary training.




List of Inspectors, Ohio ID, Phone and E-Mail

Inspectors Hire Date Ohio ID # Business Phone E-Mail
Mark Baggett 04-10-95 53 513.977.4392  
Mike Dane 06-02-03 2409 513.977.4398  
Rick Lecher 02-28-00 835 513.977.4395
C.J. Petrou 03-19-18 4677 513.977.4443  
Mario Mumfrey 06-22-00 2586 513.977.4390  
Gaylord Poe  11-21-83 1178 513.977.4394
Caty Robinson 12-01-08 2647 513.977.4391  
Ken Spille 12/31/11 2687 513.977.4388  
Dennis Weneck 12-10-90 1614 513.977.4393  


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