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Public Records Requests



PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS - IBI is a privately held Ohio corporation, not a public office. The work IBI does on behalf of the many building departments we serve creates certain records that are subject to being viewed by the public. These public records include Applications for a permit or plan review and the record of the work that we do regarding each permit or plan review until the project is completed. An electronic record is created in CAGIS at the time each Application is initiated. Every subsequent inspection or review action that we record on "paper" is also recorded in CAGIS in real time as the job progresses. All actions are available for public viewing on CAGIS ezTrak -, the building department, and at IBI.

The CAGIS record is kept indefinitely. IBI's paper records are only kept in accordance with IBI's current records retention schedule. The record retention schedule for applications for electrical permits and plan approvals is currently limited to a three year retention period after completion. While these records are available on CAGIS, there are times when someone may make a "public record request" to IBI. IBI will comply with such request in accordance with its public record request and record retention policies, copies of which will be made available to the public upon request at our front counter. It is IBI's intent to at all times comply fully with the Ohio Public Records Act to the extent it applies to public records handled by IBI.


Thank you,

Gaylord Poe President, Chief Electrical Inspector


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