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IBI Online Permits Center

Welcome to IBI’s Online Permits Center. Please note that the Online Permits Center is for electrical permits only, not Plan Review. To utilize the Online Permits Center you must first comply with the following:


  1. You must be an IBI Charge Account Customer in good standing.

  2. You must apply for and receive a customer identification number.

  3. Important Note:

      1. For more information on IBI Charge Accounts or the IBI Online Permits Center contact Sherry at .

Please save a copy of your online application. You will receive a response upon our receipt of your application. Applications are typically processed within 3 business days (weekends and Holidays excepted). We will forward your permit number to you by email after your permit is processed.

(Note: Permits submitted without an approved customer identification number will be rejected and deleted from the Permit Center.)


(Note: After you become familiar with the information provided below, you can click here to proceed)

The Online Permit Application is divided into five sections. You must complete Sections A, B, C, and D with extreme caution and accuracy - they are almost impossible to change at a later date. Section E is equally important but since it contains information subject to modification due to engineering changes and field changes, we will retain the ability for you (and us) to add to or otherwise modify this information during the project. Please note that changes to Section E cannot be made online.

Part A

  1. Check the appropriate box – Residential or Nonresidential.

  2. Enter the Building Permit Number if it has been issued.

  3. Enter your customer identification number on the signature line. If you have an in-house “Job #” enter that number immediately following your identification number.

  4. Leave the “Application No.” “IBI Terr. No.” and “Type Work” fields blank.

Part B

  1. Enter the job address, including the municipality, zip code, and job site phone number (if available).

  2. Enter the property owner’s (For nonresidential work acceptable entries include: property owner, general contractor, or tenant) name, mailing address and telephone number.

  3. Enter your name, mailing address and telephone number.

Part C

  1. Using your words, accurately describe the scope of work for this permit application.
  2. Some examples for residential work include: Replace Service, Wiring For New House, Wiring for New Addition, Detached Garage, Total Rewire, Replace Furnace, Add Air Conditioning, New Swimming Pool, etc.

    Some examples for nonresidential work include: New Office Building, Tenant Finish (include the tenant’s name), Electric Sign, Replace Service, New Addition, Total Rewire, Replace Furnace, Add Air Conditioning, New Swimming Pool, etc.

    Simply make your best effort to accurately describe the work that we’ll be inspecting. We will enhance your description if needed; we will call you if we need clarification. Note: If you leave this space blank your application will be rejected.

  3. Enter your email address.

Part D

You’ll see three categories of electrical work. Select only one of these categories and check all applicable items in that category. It is important to note that separate permits are required for Swimming Pools and Electric Signs. We can include the Fire Alarm System wiring on the “Premises Wiring” permit if, and only if, you request that we do this at the time of the initial application.

  • HVAC, Signs, Low Voltage, Pools:
    Specialty contractors such as HVAC contractors, sign companies, fire alarm companies, energy management companies, tele-data companies and pool contractors typically use the category marked “HVAC, Signs, Low Voltage, Pools”.

  • Premises Wiring:
    Electrical contractors typically use the category marked “Premises Wiring”. This category provides much flexibility by including multiple choices.

  • Special Inspections:
    The category marked “Special Inspections” is self-explanatory. It should be noted that items in this category can either “stand alone” or can be added to other categories.

Part E

  • E1 – If the work you’re performing is for or includes a construction temporary, enter that information here.

  • E2 – If the work you’re performing is for or includes the main electrical service, enter that information here.

  • E3 – Complete this section as applicable.

  • E4 – Complete this section for residential work only.

Thank you for using the IBI Online Permit Center.

To submit your application online:

Download a copy of the form below. Complete and email to


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