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Inspection Bureau Performance


In the business of electrical inspections, customer contact is continuous. IBI performs admirably. Each request or complaint is handled quickly and thoroughly by the Chief Inspector. Causation is determined, the field inspector and supervisor are briefed, and the customer continues to be contacted by the Chief Inspector until there is total satisfaction.


Scope of Operations


IBI performs inspections for all electrical installations. It uses 10 inspectors to do the work, all of whom are members in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), a union consisting of some 1,600 electricians in the Greater Cincinnati area. The IBEW strongly favors IBI.

In addition, IBI works with approximately 1,200 electrical contractors. It stays in continuous contact with these contractors, who employ great numbers of workers in the City and County. These contractors account for all of the electrical work in the City and County each year, with large and small contracts and countless dollars of work.




IBI understands that if timely inspections are not made, entire projects can come to a grinding halt. Thus, inspectors are consistently scheduled on a next-day basis to meet the scheduling demands of contractors.




IBI carries $4,000,000 worth of liability insurance to protect its customers. Because of the extremely large exposure in performing all of the electrical inspections and all of the plan examinations for the City and County, IBI also maintains an annual reserve account for additional coverage.




IBI, having performed thousands and thousands of inspections for many, many years, has been involved in only three lawsuits - all of which were dismissed on summary judgment. This is an indication of IBI's level of professionalism and expertise.


Community Approval


The vast majority of the electrical contractors have explicitly indicated to IBI that they want IBI (rather than the local government or anyone else) to perform the electrical inspections. They are ready and willing to appear before government leaders to indicate their approval.

In addition, the associations involved in electrical work highly approve of IBI.


National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)


This national organization has as members most of the major electrical contractors in the City and County. It strongly supports IBI.

From the NECA: "IBI does a good job. We are quite satisfied with the service provided for our contractors and the public and will continue to support your efforts to remain profitable while providing excellent service at a reasonable cost."



Greater Cincinnati Electrical Association (GCEA)


From the GCEA: "Our finest industry ally for the promotion of public safety is the Inspection Bureau, Inc. (IBI) who has been certifying industrial commercial and residential electrical systems for over 100 years."  


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Independent Electrical Contractors


This organization also represents electrical contractors and strongly supports IBI. From the IEC: "The Inspection Bureau, Inc. (IBI) has been a leader in the inspection industry for over 100 years. The proper application of the code is applied to all jobs inspected within the jurisdiction of IBI."


Home Builders Association

This Association has as members most of the home builders in the area. It strongly supports IBI.


The Heating Association

These contractors do all of the heating installation in the City and County. Heating requires electrical circuits and therefore inspections. The heating contractors strongly support IBI.



Other letters of commendation, approval, and thanks on file at IBI include:


KW Electric
Miller-Valentine Group
Mason Engineering Service
Busy Bee Electric, Inc.
Cincinnati Electric Equipment Co.
Airtron Heating/Air Conditioning
Schibi Heating & Cooling

William Sanderson and Frank Miller, Electrical Contractors

Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District
Scarlet Oaks Career Development Campus
Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

NEMP (Non-Profit Energy Management Program)

The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio
Metro Electric, Inc.
Craftsman Electric
Home Buyers' Technical Consultant
Brennan Electric, Inc.

Big Brothers and Sisters of Warren and Clinton Counties, Inc.

Cincinnati Electrical Association - Contractor's Division
Willis Electric
Hamilton County Park District


Quotable Quotes

"I have worked with many other jurisdictions in Ohio and around the country and would rate your organization above all others."
                     - Tom Popp, Thomas Popp & Company

"The IBI serves the community well with prompt service and thorough inspections."
                     - Garfield W. Hartman, Garfield Electric

"Your inspection services through the years have always been top quality, cost effective and promptly administered."
                     -  Robert L. Harrison, ESI  Electrical Contractors

“We have found them to be highly qualified in what they do as well as helpful in keeping contractors at a high level of safety based on the National Electrical Code. They not only inspect the work but help maintain the level of safety by offering continuing education. I would find it difficult believing that there is a better organization to work with for electrical installations."
                  -Don Bolling, Executive Director,
Cincinnati Chapter, NECA.

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