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The Union, the Electrical Trade Associations and the contractors have unanimously voiced their approval and request that IBI - rather than contracted building departments or government electrical departments - perform electrical inspections for the City, the County, and all municipalities and townships. Their reasons are as follows:


IBI performs its services in an excellent manner and, in the opinion of its customers, better than the government could. IBI is a small, tightly run, smoothly operating, technically disciplined company not subject to the innumerable pressures of government and not subject to political pressures. It is motivated to make a reasonable profit while promoting an efficient, quality-conscious operation.

The costs charged by IBI are reasonable. IBI's fee structure is fully disclosed to - and consistently approved by - its customers. IBI has contacted and completed a survey of costs of electrical inspections in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo where inspections are performed by city personnel. IBI's charges are in every respect comparable or less than the charges made by those cities.

IBI can keep its costs lower because it does work for the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and 51 separate cities, villages, townships in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Efficiency is a primary goal of IBI. Government serves different needs and functions for different reasons, only one of which is efficiency. Efficiency may not often reach the same level of high priority in the public sector as it does in private industry.


The IBEW Union does not want to lose its members. If local governments or contracted building departments were to take over the inspections, this would become a very real possibility.

IBI strongly believes that electrical inspection should not become an "add-on" task for others. Electrical safety inspection is a highly technical, critical and safety-conscious procedure, involving functions which, if not properly performed, can cause disastrous results (i.e., such as the Beverly Hills fire). Thus, "multi-hatted" inspectors are not a good idea. (A multi-hatted inspector is cross-trained and certified in two or more different areas, e.g., a building inspector also serving as an electrical inspector.)

Governmental inspection authorities must question whether they have the technical expertise to review and examine highly technical problems when IBI's inspectors have such large amounts of experience.

IBI has a long history of being able to schedule its inspectors in a timely manner. Because it covers the entire County, it can do the work much more effectively than any individual entity - and with a great deal more experience and expertise. IBI is able to judge and even the workflow because it has inspectors that do both City and County work. They keep full work schedules and perform efficiently.

IBI's primary focus is on electrical inspections. IBI has spent many years perfecting its operations and it will not be distracted by trying to offer a variety of other services.

IBI's inspectors consistently appear on the panels of electrical seminars throughout Ohio and the Midwestern regions. They are highly respected.

Many unsolicited letters have been received by IBI commending and approving of its work. Such letters have been received from many companies and groups. Such typical comments are as follows:

"Thank you for your cooperation," -from Craftsman Electric.

"The Village is very satisfied with the level of inspection," -from the Village of Indian Hill.

"I want to commend one of your inspectors," -from Schibi Heating.

"Your office also helped us and the Freestore," -from Brennan Electric.


These many letters received without request are an indication of the high regard with which The Inspection Bureau is held by the electrical community in Cincinnati.


The Board of Directors of the NECA recently discussed

IBI"s request for a fee increase. Their conclusion:

'IBI does a good job.' They are quite satisfied with IBI's

service and support IBI's "efforts to remain profitable while

providing excellent service at a reasonable cost.'


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